Society 20000 Leagues at working meetings of the AMOR project implemented by Eko-Zadar

Active Youth for Sustainable Development – AMOR is an Eko-Zadar project implemented in partnership with the Public Institution Natura Jadera and the Elementary School Nin.

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the members of the Society participated in the working meetings of the education program for sustainable development “Solidarity and active action for sustainable development” which is being developed within the project AMOR – Active Youth for Sustainable Development. Topics that were the subject of our conversation were diverse – encouraging personal interests and desires of students, the importance of sustainable development, human rights, climate change, development of activities in the local community,… Given the many years of experience from members of the Society in conducting educational workshops on marine protection and the environment, we are recognized as valuable partners who with their advice and experience have contributed to some new ideas and visions of this project.

We are looking forward to the impressions from the workshops with students by applying the created program!

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