24. Ocean Optics conference in Dubrovnik

From 7th till the 12th of October Dubrovnik was the host of the 24th Ocean Optics conference

The conference attracted experts and scientists from 35 countries across the world. Main organizer of the conference is The Oceanography Society (TOS). A diverse audience of active practitioners in the field, including oceanographers, marine ecologists, limnologists, optical engineers, marine resource managers, and policy professionals from around the world gathered in Dubrovnik.

20000 Leagues participate in the conference with a poster presentation from Hrvoje Čižmek with a theme of: The base of the food web and its key players: a case study of the oligotrophic southern Adriatic Sea. The research behind the presentation was a common effort of a lot of experts, most noticeable some of them from the Faculty of Science from Zagreb, The Ruđer Bošković Institute and NASA.