Establishment of monitoring protocols for no-take zones in MPAs (2016-2017)

Collected baseline data in the research through 2014 and 2015, where we studied habitats and tested methodologies, were an excellent foundations for the implementation of two complementary projects:

  1. „Establishemnt of monitoring protocol for no-take zones in Lastovo Islands Nature Park and Mljet National Park”
  2. „Establishemnt of monitoring protocol for no-take zones in Telašćica Nature Park , Kornati National Park and Brijuni National Park “.

Project activities included an extensive research on the condition of the infralitoral fish community in the areas proposed for the no-take zones in each MPA. The estimation of the state of fish community was done with the data collecte on species composition, abundance and estimated size for the purpose of obtaining biomass estimation. Research was done by a non-invasive UVC method. Along with the status of fish communities, important indicators needed to be monitored, like the state of habitat – the community of infralitoral algae and posidonia meadow, and the state of community of sea-urchins whose population dynamics often depends on the state of the fish community because of their prey-predator interaction and dependence due to dynamics in food network.

End result of the project were formed protocols to be used once the no-take zones are established to monitor their effectivness.

Project was conducted in partnership with Public Institutions of all marine Nature and National Parks (NP Mljet, NP Kornati, NP Brijuni, NP Telašćica i NP Lastovo with financial support from
The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.