Insula Tilagus – BIUS yearly research project of 2017.

In May and September we joined the members of the BIUS Marine Group on their big yearly research field trip on Dugi otok as part of the educational research project Insula Tilagus 2017. In May, we have devoted ourselves to researching the shallow infralitoral using CARLIT method to examine the coverage and composition of the algae community. We also carried out a beach clean-up and litter monitoring on the Saharun beach on Dugi otok. The purpose of this monitoring is to create useful database on the type and amount of litter found on the Croatian beaches!

In September the members of BIUS join us in our research of microplastics. We did research dives in which we would colect sediment samples and collection of sea cucumbers in Telasica Nature Park. The digestive system of sea cucumbers was fixated and later examined for microplastic particals because they fed on the organic matter in the sediment.