Microplastic research in the eastern Adriatic (2015-2016)

Microplastics in the marine environment is an unexplored phenomenon in the eastern Adriatic. The most convenient habitat for the study of precipitated microplastic are sediment bottoms, and that is why those habitats were used for basis microplastic analysis in the marine environment of our Adriatic coast. Sediment samples were collected in Telašćica Nature Park and in them we defined for the first time the quantity and type of plastic litter (microplastics) in the shallow sediments. The research was organized within the Master thesis filed trip research of the member of the 20000 Leagues in collaboration with BsRC scientists and researchers from Italy and the Faculty of Science in Zagreb.

Results of the research are published in a paper Blašković A. et al (2017) Plastic litter in sediments from the Croatian marine protected area of the natural park of Telašćica bay (Adriatic Sea). Marine Pollution Bulletin 114:583–586.