Monitoring the condition of the noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis) in the waters of the Telašćica Nature Park through 2019.

The implementation of “Monitoring the condition of the noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis)” in the waters of the Telašćica Nature Park included repeated multi-day field research that we conducted through five field trips in 2019.

The research was conducted at several locations within the Telašćica Nature Park, and was conducted in March, June, September, November and December. The primary goal of this project was to continue the long-term monitoring that the Society has been conducting in the Park since 2014 as well as monitoring the expected increased mortality in the areas of noble pen shell in the Telašćica Nature Park due to deaths in the Mediterranean. The research was conducted by first documenting the presence of a strictly protected and endangered shellfish species, the noble pen shell, and then the status of the individuals was established. All individuals found were successfully georeferenced using a GPS device, and each was given a status – alive or dead. The inspection carried out in September resulted in the knowledge that out of a total of 750+ inspected individuals, the share of dead individuals was 66%. Aware that the pestilence affected a good part of the Adriatic, we inspected the individuals in both November and December. At that time, we recorded 100% mortality in high-density areas, which was about 35% in the examination of individuals in September.

The expected situation has occurred, and what we can suggest and what we are striving for is a further review of unaffected areas and a search for surviving individuals. Our research was also covered in HRT’s show More.

The research is conducted in cooperation with the Public Institution of the Telašćica Nature Park!