Operation Wallacea in Croatia – CROpwall 2018.

Operation Wallace in Croatia – CROpwall is a part of the Dinaric karst biodiversity course programe. Organized as an educational-expedition-research project of a multi-month volunteer camp funded by the donation of the British organization Operation Wallace, which originated as an initiative of the academic community of the University of Oxford. The program is implemented in partnership with them and the Deep Blue Explorers association. A Volunteer Camp in the second year of Cropwall was located in the National Park Mljet and the Nature Park of Lastovo, where more than 200 students around the world have passed the program of education and training of marine science research skills through biological research. Participants gained new knowledge and skills on the subject of sustainable lifestyles, proper management of natural resources, raising awareness of protected and endangered marine species and the marine ecosystem as a whole. In addition to this, the participants volunteers have collected important data for science through their training and participated in the research of communities of sea urchis, fish, posidonia meadows and noble pen shell. Successfully executed project will continue next year – on SILBA!