Society and the Azores – we participated in the 7th EMSEA conference

The 7th EMSEA Conference was held from 16 to 20 September 2019 in EXPOLAB, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal with the main focus on the 14th global goal of sustainable development – Life Below Water.

During September 2019, the President of the Society, Hrvoje Čižmek, participated in the seventh conference organized by the European Marine Science Educators Association – EMSEA.

EMSEA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and popularizing the need for knowledge about the sea “ocean literacy” in Europe – the term “ocean literacy” means understanding the impact of the sea on man and man’s impact on the sea. EMSEA provides a platform for education in various European regional seas, and at its conferences encourages the presentation of new and successful approaches to education in the field of marine science. For this purpose, the topic of Hrvoje’s presentation was “Can Young People Really Help With Science? The Showcase Example Of Operation Wallace Project In The Adriatic Sea, Croatia ” ,where the work of members and volunteers of the Society in cooperation with international students is successfully presented as part of the summer school of marine biology, in the camp set up on educational-volunteer – CROpwall (Croatia Operation Wallacea).