Think blue – Island Ugljan (2015)

“Think Blue” project is NGO capacity strengthening project funded from EU funds in partnership with Biology Student Association – BIUS. Project activities included educating the island population on sustainable development on the islands, proper management of marine resources, raising awareness of protected and endangered marine species and the marine ecosystem as a whole. Also, our members through the project have undergone adequate training for the implementation and writing of EU projects, as well as the development of educational programs for different target groups, exchange of ideas and knowledge between NGOs.

As part of the project, a number of educational workshops were organized for elementary school pupils in Ugljan. Also, the students themselves, as well as members of the local population, participated in underwater and beach cleaning actions. As part of the project, several lectures on various topics related to the main activities of the project were held. At the end of the project all over the island of Ugljan there are info-educational boards that remind us that we always need to THINK BLUE.

There are six info – educational boards. Themes and locations are:

  1. Marine plastic – Preko
  2. Alternative way to travel on the island – Preko
  3. Mariculture – walking trail Preko – Kali
  4. Adriatic as a biodiversity hotspot – Ugljan beach
  5. Neptune seagrass Posidonia oceanica – Muline beach
  6. Life on karst – Saint Michael fortress

Project was financed throught European Social Fond. Mediators are Office for Cooperation with NGOs and National Foundation for Civil Society Developmenta.