Together against Marine Litter (2018)

The topic of litter in the marine environment is insufficiently talked about in raising awareness and the harmfulness of it to the environment not known to most people. Some groups of litter in the sea have a different destiny and impact on the marine organisms, especially observed over a longer time scale. This topic is increasingly being the subject of research on a global scale. Nowadays, it has become more and more a hot topic, especially the issue of plastic, and people are being encouraged to change their habits. Marine litter has a completely different pathway than that of a landfill waste.

Numerous studies point to the presence of the smallest parts of plastic – microplastic – in the column of seawater, sediment, and also marine organisms, including commercially important types of marine fish.

Considering the connection of all world seas, it is necessary to act as effectively and united as possible to address this problem. It is necessary to pay attention to the issue of litter that already exists in the environment and to devote extra attention to reduce its future disposal by appropriate methods such as using alternatives to plastic, reuse and recycling. Such activities can greatly contribute to raising awareness of proper waste management.

Through our activities, an active approach by the members of the general public, through “citizen science” approach, is stimulated. In this way, citizens can make their contribution in the form of cleaner cities, bays and beaches, but also participate in the compilation of the marine litter database, which can be used to determine the largest problems, sources and be used for outreach activities and solving problems at the source itself (frequency of use, proper disposal and management, change habits and lifestyles, …)

Projects in 2018. with which we took action in out fight together against marine litter are:

“Citizens and Science – together against marine litter” in partnership with NGO Aurelia with financial support of Zadar Countye

“Clean Up the World Silba!” with financial support of A.C.I.

Also, we organized a few clean-up actions in Croatian MPAs:

Clean up action of the beach and monitoring of marine litter in Grabova Bay in Mljet National Park

Underwater clean up action of the Uska Bay in Lastovo Islands Nature Park

Underwater clean up action of the Bay Čuška dumboka in Telascica Nature Park

“If your bathtub is overflowing,
you wouldn’t immediately 
reach for a mop –
you’d first turn off the tap.
That’s what we need to do with
single -use plastic.”