Together against marine litter on Silba!

For the weekend 31.8. (Saturday) and 1.9. (Sunday) on Silba will continue the activities of the initiative “Together against marine litter”.

On the beaches of Silba, a common sight is marine litter that was wasehd away from the sea, brought by wind, waves and currents. They often lack any form of infrastructure for collecting this marine litter, according to the users of these beaches themselves. Therefore, we will provide infrastructure together because we are fighting against marine litter together! At three locations on Silba, we will place bins for the collection of EXCLUSIVELY marine litter that was washed away from the sea (waste that we generate ourselves, dispose of ourselves!). The collection bins will be wooden, their main construction will be made of pallets and planks. We will build them together near the park on Saturday 31.8. Skillful or clumsy, come without or with your tools, help and refresh yourself! We start at 10 a.m. in front of the school!

UIn the evening, we reopen the photo exhibition “Light and Darkness on the Sea Route”, which we successfully set up on Silba for the first time in autumn 2018. This time in an expanded edition with 20 photos, in an intimate dark atmosphere you will experience Silba and the underwater world around it in a new light. We open the exhibition at 8 pm (after sunset) in the park next to the school! On Sunday, we will decorate the built collection bins – we will paint them with various motifs to fit into our new Silbenjan environment. The three built collection bins will be decorated with artistic, natural and traditional Silben motifs. One bin is decorated by members of the Society for Protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Island of Silba, one by members and friends of the Silba Environment Art Association, and one by children and youth on the island. We start at 10 a.m., also in front of the school!

During all this time we will have a small INFO STAND where you will be able to learn about the marine litter collection bins themselves from us and our partners, how to use them properly once they are placed, you will also learn about marine litter, microplastics, biodiversity and the seabed of Silba and the Adriatic, and you will see what we did this summer on Silba and what are our plans for the future! There will also be special educational workshops for children, coloring books and decorating canvas bags, and the opportunity to grab T-shirts and cotton bags with a symbolic donation! After painting, the collection bins will be placed on the beaches of the bays that have been recognized by Silbenjan as the locations where these collection bins would have the greatest impact: Lojišće Bay, Mavrova Bay and Pernastica Bay. The installed bins will contain an Info board with guidelines for their proper use in Croatian, English and German. The guidelines would indicate that the collection bins serve only the proper disposal of marine litter that has just been washed out by the sea or has been arbitrarily collected from the sea by visitors to beaches and bays. With such an initiative, every beach visitor becomes a participant in the project and continues the philosophy behind ecological cleaning actions. After setting up the collection bins, we will take care of empyting them, considering that in Silba during the year the members of the association are actively working on other ecologically-biologically-educationally oriented projects. Visitors to the beaches will be able to report information about the filling of the collection bins by scanning the QR code that will be on the Info panel with other information.

The underwater landscape of Silba is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network and a site in preparation for being declared a significant landscape. The preservation of the underwater of Silba needs to be maintained and improved, but there are many threats to the conservation of biological and landscape diversity. We would like to include all of you in our joint effort to,soon, bring to life the MARINE PROTECTED AREA – THE UNDERWATER OF SILBA!

The activities of this program are part of the Society’s 20,000 Leagues initiative “TOGETHER AGAINST MARINE LITTER” and the project “Akcija čišćenja i monitoring otpada na morskom dnu na Silbi” (Silba blista kad je čista!)” Society 20,000 Leagues whose implementation is co-financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund .

Let’s protect the environment together – co-financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.
The content of this program is the sole responsibility of the Company 20,000 leagues and under no circumstances can it be considered as a reflection of the position of the EPEEF.