Workshop on MPAs in Montenegro

Workshops “Habitat Directive” and “Protected Marine and Coastal Areas in Montenegro” were organized at the Institute for Marine Biology in Kotor on November 19th. The issue of protected areas, and in particular the development of the Natura 2000 network in Montenegro, has become increasingly relevant to Montenegro’s accession to the European Union. We have responded to the invitation of our dear partners from MedCEM, who are co-organizers of this event as part of the project “Empowering legal fisheries in the future Montenegrin MPAs.”

We presented our research on fish communities in Croatian MPAs compared with fish communities in Montenegrin future MPAs that we did in 2017. Also, we shared our knowledge and experience in collaboration with Public Institutions and stakeholders, citizens, fishermen, etc. and what can be the role of an NGO in the process of forming a Natura 2000 network.